NTI 2021 Scholarship Award

Guidelines for NTI Scholarship Award

Deadline: March 31, 2021

The purpose of the chapter scholarship is to encourage and reward chapter members' participation and commitment to advance professionally through education and nursing practice improvement.  A point system is used to determine the applicant is an active participating member. The application requires a brief 300-word essay. 
The guidelines represent fair and consistent, standardized processes for selection.  Three (3) chapter members (who are current in national and local chapter memberships) will be granted a scholarship to assist with the 2021 National Teaching Institute registration and materials. Chapters are not allowed to offer cash rewards or cash incentives to chapter members.  The guideline set by the AACN Houston Gulf Coast Chapter (HGCC) chapter allowing scholarships will be voted on by the board members, noted in the chapter meeting minutes, and communicated in writing to the chapter membership.


I. General Information


A.     All funds awarded from the chapter are awarded only to chapter members and are non-transferable between chapter members. The applicant must have been a National and Local member for 1 year, prior to receiving funds.   


B.    The points may only be used for registration to conferences, reimbursement of expenses to educational conferences, educational materials, scholarships for members to attend AACN's National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition (NTI), etc. Merit points may not be redeemed for cash as this is a violation of Federal regulations for non-profit organizations. 

C.    The applicant is limited to receive one scholarship per fiscal year, which starts July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year. The deadline for the application is March 31, 2021.

D.    The scholarship award recipient's names will be published on the chapter web page and announced at the chapter meeting before the NTI conference. 



A.    Points may be accrued and redeemed during the fiscal year immediately following accumulation. The Board of Directors may grant an exception to this guideline. 

B.    NTI scholarship award may only be used to pay for the NTI conference fee. The award is based upon an early bird member registration fee of $320.00 and a $25 conference T-Shirt for a total of $345.00

C.    A minimum of 15 points will be needed to apply for the NTI scholarship. 

D.    The following documents need to be completed and submitted the AACN Houston Gulf Coast Chapter Board:

•    Application Form (fill out the online form below)
•    A 300-word statement describing the following: How will the knowledge gained by participating in the NTI conference be incorporated into your current practice to improve patient care and outcomes and disseminate to your colleagues. 

Point Accumulation Description


Activity Description

Point Accrual

  • Attendance at each local monthly meeting - 2 points 

  • Poster presentation - Local 5 points, National 10 points

  • Podium presentation - Local 10 points, National 20 points

  • Speaker at an HGCC function - 5 points

  • Educational presentation with CE application - 10 points

  • Solicits and confirmed a vendor to provide speaker, donation, or sponsorship - 5 points per vendor

  • Achieving Initial AANC-recognized Certification - 5 points

  • Maintaining Certification (AANC-recognized) - 5 points

  • Get CE approval for chapter educational activity - 10 points

  • Participation in Chapter supported community outreach - 3 points per activity

  • Bringing items for Chapter supported community outreach - 2 points

  • Attend  a Board Meeting - 2 points

  • Recruitment of new member - 2 points (per recruited member)


Scholarship Requirements 


A.    Scholarship applications must be submitted via the AACN Houston Website https://www.aacnhouston.org/nti2021 before 11:59 PM Central on March 31, 2021.

The Scholarship Committee will review the applications blinded and identify the top three candidates. Merit points will be vetted for validity by the appropriate Board members. The Chapter Treasurer or Education Chair will perform a second validation to verify the accuracy of supportive documentation. The board will review and approve the winners. 


B.    Proof of your current local chapter membership is required, which could either be one of the following documents below:

•    Copy of your "Dashboard" screen, showing a current Chapter Member badge.
•    Copy of a chapter membership card
•    Copy of a canceled check for chapter membership dues payment
•    Copy of the Paypal receipt of chapter membership payment 

C.    Once the winners are selected, they will be provided an NTI registration form to complete and their registration will be submitted and paid for by the Chapter Secretary Treasurer. 



Submission process:

  1. Complete the online form below.

  2. Upload your proof of chapter membership.

  3. Submission deadline - March 31, 2021.

  4. Recipients will be notified through email by April 15, 2021.

For questions, contact us here.